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Transportation Management Service Platform (B to B)
that can help clients to maintain their order shipment progress.
Clients (Other Business Companies) can
check the rate, book orders, and track containers.

Link to the Website:

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Design Process




My Role

Research, Brainstorm,
UX/UI Design and Prototype,
Weekly Meeting.


Bing Liu, Carol, Jenny, Zoey, Wei

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Project Timeline

After I clarified my design tasks and the general project timeline, I drew this Gantt chart to help me better manage my time and come up with the team and client.

Product Critique

We analyzed the original website of Drayeasy and found the cons and weaknesses we need to import of the website.

1. The UI system of DrayEasy should be improved, such as the Message layout, Buttons, and Icons in each pages.
2. DrayEasy has much information for users to edit, but there are
not enough guidelines or support.
3. DrayEasy does not have many interaction clickable buttons or filters to show more shipping process informations to users.
To rely on the manual service. Operators like Sending Emails and Calls for confirmation.


Competitor Analysis

We analyzed the other companies, flexport, Cargomatic, and NEXT, which also have similar businesses in transportation management services. Discovered their Pros and Cons.

competitor analysis.png


1. Most other transportation management services have multiple categories to customize their costumer's shipping information. 

2. Map is an important part of showing shipping status. 

Problem & Painpoint

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Based on the interview

1. Users are more likely to contact Customer Support by phone and email to inquire about the status of their shipments.

2. For users, the website is just used to fill out the Google form required to create an account. 

How Might We

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1. Increase the retention rate of new clients.

2. Provide more useful shipment status for clients directly on the website.

*Add a connection between different shipping information and status on the map.

3. Reduce the cost of costumer service.

*Provide a customized filter option for users based on their delivery status requirements.
*Encourage users to use the website for their fundamental requirements, such as tracking shipments and making orders.

Design Homepage/Map

The team split me up to redesign the Drayeasy web homepage. Despite the fact that the majority of people interviewed were not accustomed to viewing information immediately from a map.
we separated the homepage's sections for the Map, Shipment Status, Container, and Industrial News, but they were still connected, so users could choose which information to display on the divider.


Original Design 

Current Design 

More Organized, Intractable



Split the Shipment Status and The map but with a connection.

Vector 3836.png
Frame 1707478627.png

We keep filters for users to customize their dividing shipments.

Based on research interviews, we found users are most focused on the
CNTR, Status, IR ETA, Pickup Day, Last Free Day, Delivery Day,
and Return Day on the graph.

Customers have the option to see their shipments on the map or just see the records of status directly.

Prior to the new version, only 20% of people preferred to utilize maps for the shipment process.

40% of the clients increased to use of the new version and interacted with the maps when we introduced it to them.

Take Actions

The top CNTR# information has the details and reminds the users if they need to take action on their shipment:

1. Add additional Container documents
2. Enter the pickup number

Opinion 1:
Take Action on the Home Page

Opinion 2:
Take Action on the Order Page
(See in detail)

Industrial News

Clients can see the reason why their shipment has been delayed based on the Industrial News. Also, they can see the weather effect on the map.

Containers/Orders in different IR

Users can see how many containers and orders they have in the different specific IRs.

Orders details process on the map

Users can see the delivery path to the warehouse when their all orders have already been delivered and picked up in the IR. 

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